Exchange of beating on the scruff Egyptian today


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Domestic tourism in the countries of the first world is considered one of the important activities of economic boom and entertainment for the middle class, who constitute the pillar of society and its overwhelming majority .. Through internal tourism for the children of the English North, for example, they can get to know the cities of the south and vice versa, and it was also possible after the establishment of the Schengen area for citizens French or German can easily spend their vacation in Switzerland or Italy and vice versa. This movement in all directions within the same entity redistributes money and works to flow it into all arteries, this is of course in addition to tourism that comes from outside the country, but it is not our topic now.

As for domestic tourism in poor countries, it is a wonder … all the time it is talked about and its importance openly, and all the time it is also underestimated and claimed to be useless. Indeed, the problem of domestic tourism comes from apprehension and mutual mistrust between citizens and tourist facilities, as well as from the absence of a fair judgment that reconciles the two sides and seeks to introduce them to each other correctly away from the bad idea that each party holds for the other. The lack of appreciation of the internal tourist stems from the idea that it carries local money from those that we have its printing presses and we can tune and get rid of it as we like, so what is new and joyful to bring by a tourist? The proud, respected tourist, then, is the one who fills his pockets with foreign banknotes! Hence, the expression of distress and denial in the face of the local tourist is a heritage that is not easy to give up, especially as opening doors for incoming trips from within the holidays and feasts, as well as offering reasonable prices for hotel rooms, buses, and airline tickets, are measures that the compelled, helpless, compelled The one who does not conceal to the groom that he did not accept it or accept it only after he descended in it and became obliged to accept it reluctantly! .. What is expected of a groom who knows that his bride and her family despise him and look at him from above because they were waiting for the best of him if it were not for the bad conditions that they resorted to? What does this absurd relationship entail e? Inmates want revenge from a hotel that does not have people smiling in their faces, so they prey on the buffet and fill the pre-prepared nylon bags with tea and nescafe baked bread and boiled eggs .. As for the hotel, which used to exemplify the exquisiteness of its open buffets, it turns into a home kitchen that only produces cowpea and rice or whatever Similar to the customers of the environment !. The truth is that among these inmates are accustomed to spending vacation in Istanbul, Thailand or Europe, and there is never resorting to cheap behavior, but when it comes to domestic tourism, they change and adapt to the reality that disdains them, so they intend to live up to the expectations of hotels and bazaars or less .. The so-called “domestic tourism” turns into an exchange of beatings on the nape!

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