Fajr azan in Ramadan .. Iftaa warns of a common act upon hearing that invalidates the fast


Fajr In Ramadan, it differs from it in the rest of the months, since hearing it means eating food and marking the beginning of fasting for those who fast in a month Ramadan Generous, but there is a misconception in this regard, which lies in the mind of many, and it is dangerous to the degree that Their fast is invalidated, And they have to make up this day or the days when the error occurred after Ramadan, which is to continue eating and drinking until the end of Fajr azan in Ramadan, The Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa said that there is a common mistake many people make at Fasting during Ramadan Karim, noting that this act misses their fast.
Fajr in Ramadan , In her answer to a question, Al-Iftaa clarified: What is the ruling on drinking water during the morning call to prayer? Does it invalidate the fast? » , That fasting in Ramadan starts from the adhaan of dawn to the adhaan of Maghrib, indicating that food, drink or breaking the fast in general should be held a few minutes before the adhaan for the adhaan, to avoid entering the adhaan and in the mouth a bit of food.
Fajr in Ramadan , And she warned, saying: Pay attention to my honorable brother, for refraining from food and drink is when the muezzin says “God” is in the call to prayer “God is Great”. Error.

The date of the call to prayer today is 26 Ramadan

an appointment Fajr Today is the 26th of Ramadan. Today, Tuesday, May 19th, is the 25th day of the blessed Ramadan. Many people ask about prayer times, especially the call to prayer Daybreak, The time for the call to prayer in Morocco, as well as the number of hours of fasting, A prayer is authorized Daybreak Today is Tuesday, at 3:19 am.

The time for the adhaan for Fajr today is 26 Ramadan. Today’s prayer times are as follows: Suhoor 1:12, Imsak 3:00 am, Al-Fajr 3:19, Shorouk 5:00, Dhuhr 11:51, Asr 3:27, Maghrib Prayer 6:44, Isha 8:13.

Ruling on eating and drinking as soon as the dawn call is heard in Ramadan

Ruling on eating and drinking if you hear Fajr in Ramadan , Sheikh Ahmad Wissam, the Fatwa Secretary of the Fatwa House, said that eating and drinking during the adhaan of Fajr during Ramadan invalidates the fast, so it is not permissible to eat or drink as soon as the time has come.

Ruling on eating and drinking as soon as the Fajr azan is heard in Ramadan,“Wissam” explained in his answer to a question: “Does eating and drinking during the call to prayer dawn invalidate the fast?”, That once the time has come, whoever intends to drink or drink deliberately, his fast is invalidated, and then he must spend this day, which he broke his fast in Ramadan.

Ruling on swallowing food during the morning call to prayer

Ruling on swallowing food while Fajr Dr. Ahmed Karima said Professor of Islamic law at Al-Azhar University, if a person goes too far in his food or drink after calling the muezzin to the dawn call to prayer, his fast is invalidated, noting that If a person eats, drinks, or smokes and calls the muezzin to God the greatest, he continues to eat food or drink, then his fast is invalidated, that is, if he swallows food during the call to prayer.
Ruling on swallowing food while Fajr , He cited the words of God Almighty: “Eat and drink until the white streak of black streak is revealed to you from the dawn” Al-Baqarah Surah 187, Noting that our Lord Almighty has explained everything to us and therefore it is not correct for a person to continue to eat or drink while the muezzin raises the dawn ears.
Ruling on swallowing food Fajr And continued: WaA Prophet – may God bless him and grant him peace – said that if light comes from here, fasting is required, and if the sun goes down from here, breakfast has come, so when listening to the call to prayer he must stop all things that break the fast, otherwise his fasting may be corrupted.

Whoever ate thinking that dawn had not yet come

Whoever ate thinking that dawn had not yet come, The Egyptian Dar al-Iftaa said that whoever ate thinking that dawn had not yet appeared, then it became clear to him that he had risen, he had lost his fast.

Whoever ate thinking that dawn had not yet come, In her answer to a question, “Iftaa” added: “What is the ruling on someone who eats or drinks after dawn without knowing that he is fasting?”, That it is not correct to fast and he must make up for the rest of the day; For the sanctity of the Holy Month.

The invalidity of fasting .. There are many things that invalidate the fast, and invalidation of fasting is invalidated, and the things that break the fast are general – except for menstruation and postpartum – that the fasting person does not break the fast except with three conditions: that it be a world that is not ignorant, that it is a memory that is not forgotten, that it is chosen, not forced or compelled .

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