False news affecting Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE from the helpless


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash, saw on Friday that the fabricated news that continuously affects Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE comes from an incompetent, unnamed party.

He said in a series of tweets on his Twitter account: I stop at the false news that extends to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Emirates and at a continuous pace from well-known platforms, and I am not surprised, because building an Arab bloc that looks at stability and progress as a basis for the region and its future is faced by a fierce regional attack to interfere in Arab affairs, assisted by the weak, marginalized, and diligent. .

He also added that this impotent obsession with targeting the UAE and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed recalls the local ideal that distinguishes between “those who eat fruits and those who prepare food”, adding, “Our site will always remain in the foreground, we eat the fruits, and let the impotent stalker behind us prepare food.”

Some Turkish platforms were mobilized yesterday in defense of Ankara, after a statement was issued by Emirati Foreign Ministry.

Turkish intervention in Libya

In its statement Thursday, the UAE stressed its adherence to a political solution in Libya, calling for an immediate ceasefire. It also expressed its deep concern about Turkish interference in Arab affairs, including the Libyan internal affairs and the escalation of the field accompanying this intervention, stressing its categorical rejection of the Turkish military role that impedes the chances of the ceasefire and abortes the solution in Libya.

In addition, it expressed its deep concern about Turkish interference and providing support to armed terrorist organizations by transferring foreign fighters from armed formations, listed on terrorism lists to Libyan territory, in flagrant violation of Security Council resolutions, as well as smuggling of heavy and light weapons in violation of United Nations resolutions and a conference. Berlin and the efforts of the international community to call for a ceasefire.

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