Fayez Eribi presents the file of the Jaziri case to the Tanta Council before the formal appeal


Fayez Oribi, President of the Tanta Club, decided to put a full report on the Tunisian referee Saif Al-Deen Al-Jazeer, the attacker of the Arab contractors, to present it to the club’s board of directors in the coming days, as a prelude to the appeal.

Tanta officials had lodged a complaint against the Wolves striker FIFA, on the pretext of signing him for the Tunisian stadium club, despite his association with a contract with the Tantawi team before the International Federation issued a temporary card for the player to participate in the Tunisian League until the complaint submitted by the Tanta Club .

And the FIFA ruling stated that the unilateral termination of the contract performed by Seif Al-Din Al-Jazairy was considered sound, and accordingly he is free from any obligation towards the Egyptian club.

Ahmed Al-Jabali, Business Agent confirmed Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri In statements for the seventh day, FIFA’s ruling did fair to Al-Jaziri in his case against Tanta Club two years ago, during which he requested the termination of the contract between him and his former club, while the latter asked to stop the player for a year from practicing any football-related activity in addition to obtaining financial compensation .

Al-Jebali added that Al-Jazairy is seeking to provide a better level during the coming period after being on top of the list of scores of Arab contractors in the current season before the stoppage, hoping to join the Tunisian national team.

Mohamed Adel, the General Supervisor of the Arab Contractors Club, revealed that the team has the right to participate in the African Champions League next season in the event that the Egyptian League Championship is canceled this season because of its presence in the second position of the excellent league ranking table, which was suspended due to the spread of the new Coruna virus. Worldwide, sports activity has stopped completely, and the Arab Contractors team is considered one of the oldest and oldest Egyptian clubs and has a great history, as it ranks third in the number of local club tournaments.

The contractors live in a state of brilliance during the recent period under the leadership of Imad Al-Nahhas, the technical manager of the team, in light of the strong offers he made during the first half of the league, which placed the contractors in second place with 33 points, behind Al-Ahly Club, leading with 49 points.

Under the leadership of the Copper, the contractors aspire to participate in the African Championships again by maintaining their position in the schedule of the General League competition, in order to restore the glories of mountain wolves.


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