Feiler responds to the statements of his former club president


Rene Weiler, Al-Ahly’s first team coach, responded to Alfred Schmid’s comments, with the comments made by the Swiss club president, Aarau, in the past hours.

Alfred Schmid stepped down from the Aarau Swiss club on Tuesday, after a 13-year career, but just before leaving, he praised Fyler’s training abilities, noting that he knew he was a good coach since their first conversation.

For his part, Weiler said in statements to the Swiss newspaper Argauer Zeitwing: “ I had a great time in Burgfield (Aarau Stadium), and indeed I have the best memories of President Alfred Schmid. “

He continued: “I really enjoyed working with him, Schmid was careful, caring and ambitious, he always trusted me. When I have demands or problems, he always has time to listen to me and give me valuable advice.”

And about Alfred’s statement that Fyler is one of the best coaches who have passed through the club in recent years, Fyler said: “If I am true that I am Schmid’s favorite coach, I appreciate and are very grateful for that.”

For its part, the newspaper stated during its talk with Fyler: “Aarau contracted no fewer than eleven coaches between 2007 to 2020, and the most successful coach in these 13 years was undoubtedly Rene Fyler.”

Feiler coached the Aarau team from April 2011 to June 2014, during which time he led them in 119 meetings, winning 65 of them, tying 19 and losing 35 others, before moving on to Nuremberg in the following season.


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