Fights viruses and protects against dangerous diseases .. What do you know about hibiscus and the ideal way to prepare it?


Opinions differed about how to eat it, cold or hot, but research confirmed its great benefits in both cases, but some still do not realize the importance of the hibiscus drink to this day, and treat it with great caution, despite the fact that it is one of the drinks that must be taken care of during the Corona period, Here are the benefits of hibiscus, the ideal way to prepare it, and benefit from the “virus warrior”.

Dr. Amira Nazih Al-Qassas, a therapeutic nutritionist and member of the European Nutrition Association, told Al-Ahram Gate that scientific research has long settled the issue of drinking cold or hot hibiscus, as the benefits are one and great, noting that the most prominent benefits of the drink are that It increases the efficiency of the body’s immune system, and also preserves the body’s tissues from damage.She added: Hibiscus acts as an anti-inflammatory of the joints, as it is a strong antibiotic in the face and fight against viruses, noting that hibiscus contains antioxidants, and it fights cancerous diseases with full force, and impedes the spread of cancerous cells in the body.

Dr. Amira noted that the drink maintains a balanced blood pressure and lowers high blood pressure, which greatly reduces the incidence of blood clots and cardiovascular disease, explaining that it also works to improve the level of harmful cholesterol, which is great and protects against many health problems.

The therapeutic nutritionist pointed out that the hibiscus drink has an effective role in the face of Alzheimer’s, and reduces its severity, indicating that the drink is safe, but it must be moderate in its intake, and it should be by one or two cups per day.

She cautioned against boiling hibiscus in the water on the fire, noting that some may leave the hibiscus with water boiling on the fire for a long time, which negatively affects its beneficial ingredients, so it is preferable to put boiling water on the hibiscus leaves and cover it for a while, or leave it in cold water at night, Then eat it the next day, in order to preserve the benefits of this wonderful drink


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