FilGoal | News | A strong blow to the German League? Colin announces the registration of 3 positive cases in SK


German club Cologne announced that 3 of its members had been infected with the Corona virus.

The club stated that it subjected all its elements, including players, coaches and administrators, to medical tests yesterday, Thursday, which showed 3 positive samples.

The club refused to reveal the nature or names of the injured trio, in order to preserve their privacy.

Despite the appearance of Corona among its elements, the Colin club stressed that the group exercises continued as normal.

The club justified its decision with great care to complete disinfection and sterilization operations at its headquarters since last April 6.

This news may be a major blow to the football season in Germany, which was expected to resume this month.

Christian Seifert, president of the German Bundesliga, told Sky Week about a week ago that the competition would start again on May 9th if it got the green light from the government.

However, unlike what was expected, the issue of the resumption of sports was not discussed during the meeting of German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the federal states on Thursday.

ESPN reported that a government meeting on May 6 will see a decision on the resumption of activity.

German clubs have been training for the past few weeks, with players maintaining appropriate distances between them and dividing them into groups.

German football saw two players contract the Corona virus earlier, before recovering later.

The first is Timo Hobbers of Hanover, and the other is Luca Killian of Paderborn.

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