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Ahmed Eid Abdel Malek, the star of Zamalek and the former Egypt team, chose the best foreign coach in the history of the White Castle, while talking about the retirement of Christian Gross.

Initially, Ahmed Eid said: “Gros’ retirement was a surprise to me. I was very happy with the year he spent in Zamalek.”

During his appearance with on (Instagram), he added: “Gerus or Ferrera? I did not deal with Groes as a coach, but in my view Ferreira is better.”

“Ferrera is better, but Gros is definitely a great coach,” he added.

Who is the No. 1 coach in the history of Zamalek? Dave MacKay, Ferrera, Gross, Cabral or Vingada?

A question Ahmed Eid answered, “They are all adults for sure, but in my view Ferrera is number 1.”

He continued his speech by saying: “Ferrera is the best because it came after a period when Zamalek was far from the championships and the strength of the character, and therefore it is the best.”

“After Ferrera, Cabral comes in as number 2 for me.”

The Swiss led Gross, Zamalek in 49 games and managed to win 31 times, losing 6 and drawing 12.

Gross raised the Confederation Cup title, along with the Egyptian-Saudi Super title.

While Ferrera took over Zamalek in the 2014-15 season and achieved the local duo that had long been absent from the White Castle treasury. Lift the Egyptian League and Cup championship.

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