FilGoal | News | Aburaida: The international championships decide the completion of the league .. There is no problem in applying the 8-year clause in the Football Association


Hani Abu Raida, former president of the Football Association, has identified factors that determine whether the current football season can resume in the light of the spread of Corona virus.

“We can only talk now about the safety of citizens and athletes,” Abu Raida said on Channel Ten. “We certainly think first that people will be fine, and we are waiting for the situation regarding the Corona crisis.”

“Certainly, the new season faces many difficulties for the teams’ commitments, according to the decisions of the International and African Federations on whether or not the competitions will be held, which will become clear within days.”

And on the possibility of resuming the current season, he said, “There must be collective action, because the state is indispensable and a basis in any system, whether sports or other, must be consulted, and not an antarctic decision.”

He stressed, “The interest of the Egyptian clubs and football must be taken into consideration, but the international position must be awaited first, then the continental links of clubs and teams. Will the next Nations Cup be held or not, and the same will be the case for the World Cup qualifiers, we must deal with great care and not to rush into the decision.”

In another context, Hani Abu Ridah continued, “To run for the presidency of the African Union has many considerations at the African and international levels as well as the Egyptian state, but it is premature, we respect the current president, and there is a year left for the upcoming elections. The order of the candidates for the presidency of the African Union will be determined in November or next December.” “.

He concluded his statements, “I do not see a problem in the implementation of the eight-year clause in the Football Association elections. It was applied to me and others, and the matter in general is in the hands of the General Assembly.”

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