FilGoal | News | Al-Amri Farouk: Al-Ahly has the right to crown the league title if it is canceled … and we would support the crowning of Zamalek


Al-Amri Farouk, Vice President of Al-Ahly Club, explained that Al-Ahly is entitled to crown the league title if it is canceled.

“The difference between Al-Ahly and the runners-up is that after the half-season of the league table has passed, it is only natural that we win the title if it is canceled,” Al-Amri Farouk said on OnTime Sports.

He continued, “The current crisis is different from the previously canceled seasons. We would have supported Zamalek’s crowning of the League title if the competition’s ranking was topped before it stopped.”

“There must be a full view, how will the season end if it is canceled, will we apply the same system as Belgium and France or the Netherlands, how will the relegation and rise, and who qualifies for the continental championships?”

He continued, “We support the state in whatever decision it takes. Al-Ahly will deal with the state’s vision if the sporting activity is totally or partially returned or canceled, but who will compensate the clubs financially if the season is canceled.”

“In Cameroon, a team was crowned league title after its cancellation despite being one point ahead of them.”

And he added, “We must move away from the concept of Ahly and Zamalek, but rather talk about the return of economic activity within precautionary measures, and the Minister of Sports must fight to return to sports activity.”

So how does Al-Ahly deal with the financial crisis in light of the cessation of activity? He responded: “We are looking for alternatives to resolve future financial crises, in order to face losses that stop the activity.”

He explained, “In 2012, Al-Ahly, led by Hassan Hamdi, managed a file by running foreign friendly matches for more revenues in order to face the cessation of sports activity at the time.”

And completed the possibility of reducing the contracts of Al-Ahly players? “Reducing the players contracts or not is subject to international standards, I hope that Al-Ahly players will try to sit with Al-Khatib in order to reduce their salary or give up part of it in support of the club in the coming period. ”

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