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Amr Gamal, the player of Pioneers of the Army, did not close the door to playing for Zamalek in the future if he separated from Al-Ahly.

Gamal plays loan from Al-Ahly to the forefront of the army, and he is considered one of the graduates of the junior section of the Red Castle.

When asked about the possibility of playing for Zamalek, Gamal answered via On Time Sports: “I don’t know, I am currently under the responsibility of Al-Ahly and I cannot talk about this.”

Before receiving a new question in a different format: Will the games overthrow Zamalek if he leaves Al-Ahly permanently? He answered, “Then I will think professionally.”

Regarding Al-Ahly’s fear that he would move to Zamalek later during the Sfaxian negotiations, he replied: “Al-Ahly put a condition in my transitional contract to Sfaxien that the priority of buying it be within Egypt.”

Gamal expressed great confidence in regaining his level with the vanguard of the army, justifying the confidence of his coach, Abdel Hamid Bassiouni, in his abilities, and obtaining a large amount of playing minutes.

Jamal said: “I will return to my level, I know that I will return, I am returning. I want the conditions to help me a little, and at the time they saw me, the stadium is there.”

He explained: “In 2014, I received offers from Valencia and Atalanta, but I preferred to complete the season with Al-Ahly, then it was cut in the cruciate ligament for bad luck.”

And about his chances to participate with Al-Ahly after the end of his loan: “My chances are very strong, of course, who will have a strong opportunity if it wasn’t me? In the past I was competing with Azzaro, and he is the second most difficult striker to compete with after Imad Miteb.”

He explained: “Currently, there is no Azzaro, and Marwan Mohsen is a good striker, but he is not like Azaru. As for Salah Mohsen, he is a promising player who is waiting for Al-Ahly.”

He continued: “Azzaro is much better than Evona, it is true that he misses many opportunities, but he scores a lot. In his first season with Al-Ahly, he crowned top scorer for the league and scored 28 goals in various competitions.”

He admitted: “I prefer seeing Junior Ajay be more involved in the striker’s position, presenting different things, and I consider him being dark in the wing position compared to the existing players.”

When asked about the identity of the first Egyptian striker, he answered: “Mustafa Mohamed is a striker who has a good potential and a distinguished station, and he appeared distinctly with Zamalek and the Olympic team, but he scored only 5 goals in the first round.”

He concluded: “But Muhammad Sharif participated as a striker and scored 9 goals, Abdullah Al-Saeed scored 12 goals although he is not a striker.”

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