FilGoal | News | Deputy Chief of Stars and Marketing Director infected with Corona virus


Mohamed Al-Tawila, head of Al-Nujoom Club, announced the injury of his two sons: Shadi Al-Tawila, the club’s vice president, and Mohab Al-Tawila, director of marketing, With corona virus.

Al-Taweelah said on Onetime Sports 2: “Shadi and Mohab Al-Tawila have been infected with the Corona virus.”

He added: “They studied at the American University and they have great awareness, and despite that they did not adhere to quarantine and traveled, and they were not in popular areas, and therefore it is not possible to bet on consciousness.”

He continued in a related context: “The resumption of spherical activity will cost approximately a billion and a half pounds to implement preventive measures.”

He continued: “Some clubs of the third and fourth sectors do not have a bathroom or a room for the visiting team at all.”

And he concluded, “The Five-Year Committee spent 4 million dollars on video technology, without the right to do so.”

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