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Former coach of Tottenham and Inter Milan, Jose Mourinho said that he knew very well that he would win the Champions League 10 years ago against Bayern Munich, indicating that he was happier in the Italian club than he was with Real Madrid.

“I was at the best stage of my career with Inter, and I felt at home, wherever I could feel the feelings of my group of players, I was 200% with my heart,” Mourinho said in a lengthy interview with the Italian newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport”.

“That is why, on May 22 in Madrid, I was determined to make everyone happy, from President Massimo Moratti to those working at the club.”

“I had already won the Champions League, I used to think of myself first and then others, in Inter that was not the case.”

“In the family, when you become a father, you understand that there is someone more important than you and that you become second.”

“Ten years have passed and I am still talking to my driver Alessio there, where, when and how does it happen that a coach is leaving 10 years ago and he’s still talking to his driver? Never, this is Inter for me, my family.”

“There are other relationships as well. I am a coach and you are playing. The acquaintance depends on our acceptance of each other. It is like a puzzle,” he added.

“In Inter, they were waiting for someone like me to complete the puzzle, I was never a pretender person, I was always as authentic as I am, it is me and that is the matter.”

“I was tough too, but I was the same person, especially in the 3-1 loss in Bergamo in January 2009, I was very violent with the players immediately after I told them they had won the league title the worst performance.”

Mourinho continued, “I understood that I hurt their feelings, because then I understood many things that happened before and then apologized.”

Inter lost 3-1 from Atalanta in the 19th round of the Italian League for the 2008-2009 season, that was his second loss in the season since he lost 1-0 against Milan in the fifth round.

In the same season, the team won the Italian league title, 10 points behind runner-up Juventus.

Turning the Portuguese coach, he talked about signing with Real Madrid, saying: “If I return to Milan again after winning the triple play and the players around and the fans around me singing to me, Jose will continue with us, perhaps when I have never left Inter.”

“I had signed with Real Madrid before the final, someone said that Real Madrid came to the same hotel before the final, but that is not true.”

“I wanted to go to Real Madrid, they wanted me a year before that happened, I went to Moratti’s house and told him that, but he kept me from leaving.”

“I had rejected Real Madrid when I was Chelsea coach, and you cannot refuse it 3 times.”

“I decided to leave after the second semi-final against Barcelona, ​​because I knew I would win the Champions League,” he added.

“Moratti prepared for that, without words, only the heat of our embrace on the field made him understand what I wanted.”

“He told me, after this you have the right to leave, saying you do not have to be happy when you do what you want correct, I was happier in Milan than you were in Madrid.”

Mourinho took over Real Madrid from 2010 to 2013 and led the team to win the La Liga title once, the King’s Cup once and the local Super Cup once.

The Portuguese spoke of the moment of farewell to Marco Materazzi, saying: “I got out of my car to embrace Marco Materazzi because it was an example of sadness within us all, and an example of what the collective player should be.”

“Whenever the team needed him, whether Chelsea, Roma or Siena, he was always there, maybe God put him in front of that wall in front of me to be the last player I see.”

“By embracing him, as if I embraced all of my players,” he added.

“Why don’t I stop saying I might go back to Inter one day? I know why a question like this is directed to me, I’m not stupid.”

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