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Ahmed Al-Ish, the Ismaili defender, Wadi Degla and Al-Ahly, revealed his return again to participate with the Premier League teams, after the end of his contract with the Abu Qir fertilizer club this summer.

Ahmad Al-Ush started his career in Al-Ahly, before joining Al-Ismaili and then Tigris, after which he was on the threshold of returning to Al-Ahly again before everything suddenly stopped.

Ahmad Al-Ash recounted:I started in Al-Ahly beginners at the age of 12 years until the age of 21 and trained with many coaches such as Badr Rajab, Amr Anwar, Adel Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Saad, Muhammad Yusef Radwan, Fathi Mabrouk, Ali Maher and Amr Anwar.

“I was promoted to the first team at the age of 17 with Manuel Jose, I participated 4 games with the first team, and also participated with the youth team, but I did not participate in the African Championship and World Cup because of the injury,” he added in his comments to

He continued, “I left Al-Ahly due to canceling the junior stage and not being registered in the first team. After that, I moved to Al-Ismaili for 3 seasons and I participated regularly and well.”

Abu Qir defender of the current fertilizers believes, “I regretted Ali Rahili from Al-Ismaili, so I was participating well and regularly. I went to Wadi Degla and participated mainly before Hossam Al-Badri (Al-Ahly’s coach at the time) and Mr. Abdul Hafeez contacted me to join the team and then the deal failed.”

After the failure of his return to Al-Ahly, the nest joined the Kuwaiti league, but it did not last for more than 6 months before returning to Egypt from the club’s stars portal, but again it did not last long to leave for the Tunisian League.

In Tunisia, the 28-year-old El-Esh joined Etihad Bin Guerdane and appeared in some matches in the Confederation Cup, before deciding to return to Egypt, What will he do?

Al-Ish continues his speech by saying: “I would return to Egypt for one of the Premier League clubs, but to close the lists and exchange, I decided to participate with the Abu Qir Fertilizers Club in the second degree for 6 months.”

He revealed, “I will return to the Premier League this summer and after the end of my contract with Abu Qir.”

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