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Ashraf Hakimi – Borussia Dortmund – UEFA Champions League

Dortmund’s Alejandro Camano, Dortmund’s agent, said that the latter’s goal was to return to participate with Real Madrid.

The future of the Moroccan player is still unknown, as his loan from Real Madrid to Dortmund ends at the end of this season.

The Spanish team and Hakimi did not decide the fate of the right-back in the coming season.

But Camano stressed that the player wants to return to Real Madrid by telling Onda Madrid: “The dialogue is wonderful with the team (Real Madrid), they expect the player’s presence continuously and we do not want to get away from them very much.”

“We will reach an agreement, whether by staying or leaving, but without forgetting that the goal is to play for Real Madrid one day, because for him, he is the best club in the world.”

Hakimi, 21, belongs to Real Madrid Academy and participated for the first time with the club’s first team in the Club World Cup in 2017, which he crowned.

He plays loan in Dortmund for the second season in succession.

Hakimi’s contract with Real Madrid extends to 2022, and the Atlas Lions player is among the best in the world.

Hakimi was crowned four titles with Real Madrid and won the German Super 20-20-2019 with Dortmund.

He participated in 40 games this season with Dortmund, scored 8 goals and sent 10 assists.

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