FilGoal | News | In the joule reveals – how Kafe thinks about the date of the return of the Champions League and the Confederation … and the truth of the recommendation of the Medical Committee


The Confederation of African Football (CAF) is working on more than one scenario for the return of the two clubs, the Champions League and the Confederation, after they forced their suspension due to the outbreak of the Coruna virus. knew that K had earlier developed 3 scenarios for dealing with the two championships, the first The possibility of playing the semi-final matches at the scheduled time in the beginning of the month of May, which did not happen due to the inability to hold confrontations due to health conditions at that time.

The second scenario, which is the most important and most realistic within the arcades of K, He is working on the possibility of playing the semifinals in the two championships Next September.

Enough officials put more than one possibility, including the possibility of holding matches of the two championships in Egypt and Morocco if the two countries were able to host the matches after 4 months, especially since 7 of the eight parties to the semi-finals belong to either Egypt or Morocco.

Another possibility is to play clashes on neutral territory, and here the names of countries such as Cameroon or Rwanda, among others, have emerged to host the matches.

Meanwhile, the scenario of completely abolishing the current version of the two tournaments is still on the table if the health situation in the continent does not improve before next September.

Members of the emergency committee in CAF, which includes Ahmed Ahmed, president of the federation, and his deputies, Congolese Constant Amari, Moroccan Fawzi Geagea, southern African Alexander Gordon, along with Hani Abu Ridah, Senegalese Augustine Singur and the provisional general secretary of the federation, Abdel Moneim Bah, meet almost continuously to discuss these scenarios.

What about the recommendation of the medical committee?

Earlier, Prince Bambo, a member of the medical committee at CAF, told Ghana Radio Joy FM that the committee had advised the Continental Federation to cancel all competitions, including the CAF Champions League and the Confederation. learned that this non-binding recommendation dates back to last March, and that the ITU Executive Committee may ask the Medical Committee to reconsider this recommendation in the future with the possibility of improving the health situation on the continent.

Consequently, everyone is awaiting a decision by the Executive Committee, or the Emergency Committee with enforceable decisions, regarding the fate of the two championships.

The CAF and CAF Champions League semi-finals stopped, and 3 Egyptian teams had the chance to win a continental title.

Zamalek and Al-Ahly have reached the Champions League semi-finals, the first will play against Al-Raja, while the second will collide with Al-Wadad.

In the Confederacy, Pyramids will play against Guinea Guerilla, and if he crosses for the final, he will face the rise of Berkane or Hassania, Agadir, the Moroccans.

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