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Presentation Company, sponsoring the Egyptian League, responded to the El Gouna Club’s statement by canceling the contract in case the team’s dues were not paid.

Presentation published an official statement, saying that it is not failing in any obligations to find the text of the contract between the two parties.

According to the company, the contract clears on In the event that an exceptional general circumstance exists beyond the will of either of the two parties, which cannot be anticipated and cannot be prevented, the party who was unable to implement the obligation is not in breach of its obligations in accordance with the contract.

In its statement, Presentation means that the company is not obligated to pay the rest of the sponsorship dues for the clubs for the remainder of the current season in the event that the competition is not completed, due to its lack of commitment to the teams to play their matches as well.

The text of the Presentation Statement reads as follows:

In response to the statement attributed to El Gouna Club, and its incorrect allegations, which is that Presentation Sport has not paid its financial obligations in the face of the club since last year, and this turned out that the news was published on the social media without any indication of the club’s previous establishment Claiming the company with any of the claimed obligations, in addition to that according to the contract for the sale of commercial rights for clubs signed between Presentation Sport and the club on 1/8/2018, which states that in the event of a general exceptional circumstance that is outside the will of either party, it cannot be anticipated and cannot be prevented. The party who is unable to fulfill the obligation shall be in breach of its obligations Qa contract.

El Gouna club did not play the games specified for it in the league as a result of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and the suspension of all matches and sports activities, which in turn led directly to depriving Presentation Sport of its revenues related to these matches for the same reason, and therefore El Gouna Club does not fail to implement its obligations nor Presentation Sport In turn, it is short in the event that the last installment due to El Gouna Club is not paid on 15/3/2020, in addition to that all the allegations that were mentioned in the aforementioned statement are completely false from health and do not have any legal effect against the company.

The company reserves all its rights to take all legal measures, and the company calls upon the press and respected media to investigate the truth of the news before publishing, especially since it came in the comment on the news by the publisher site that several clubs suffer from financial crises against the background of stopping the league competition due to the precautionary measures It has taken the right of the government to limit the spread of this epidemic and the statement of Mr. Muhammad Fadl, a member of the quinquennial committee, that the committee tried to resume the league and did not succeed in it to date.

El-Gouna Club had issued an official statement, threatening to terminate the contract with the Presentation Company in the event that the rest of the sponsorship dues were not paid to the team for the current season 2019/2020. (See details)

The Egyptian Football Association had announced earlier to stop football activity until at least mid-May, to prevent the spread of Corona virus in the country.

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