FilGoal | News | Omar Jaber reveals his position if Al-Ahly wishes to contract him .. and the Zamalek negotiations


If Al-Ahly makes an offer to contract with Omar Jaber, what is the position of the player? A question to be answered by right back Pyramids.

Omar Jaber said: “I respect Ahly and the fans very much, but I am a son of the sons of Zamalek.”

“It is enough for me that the Zamalek fans bid farewell to me in front of my house after I left the club. I am one of the fans and I will not let them down,” he added in his remarks on OnTime Sports channel.

He stressed, “Al-Ahly never talked to me in order to join him.”

Omar Jaber turned to talk about the new position of negotiations with ZamalekHe pointed out, “Zamalek has not spoken to me officially since I left the club.”

He added, “Zamalek is my home and I am unable to delay it at any time, and if any of the club spoke to me at that time, the negotiations will be between the two clubs.”

Omar Jaber denied the existence of any talk by the Pyramids club to reduce his contract, Noting that “all the numbers published regarding my contract with the club are not correct.”

He continued, saying: “Pyramids did not talk to me to reduce my contract and everything said is not true.”

Omar Jaber concluded his speech, stressing that he was not saddened by Ahmed Fathi’s accession to Pyramids, saying: “On the contrary, I am very happy about that and I spoke to Fathi and blessed him for this step.”

Omar Gaber, 28, moved from Zamalek to the Swiss Basel, then to Los Angeles, USA, before returning to the Egyptian league from the Pyramids gate.

Omar Jaber participated in 27 games this season and scored once.

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