FilGoal | News | Radio Monte Carlo: the possibility of establishing the nations of Africa in the summer of 2022


French Radio Monte Carlo unveiled the possibility of holding the 2021 African Cup of Nations in the summer of 2022.

French radio, Quoting a source within the Confederation of African Football, which indicated the difficulty of organizing the tournament on schedule

The next edition, established in Cameroon, is scheduled to start on January 9th, and end on February 6, 2021.

But the source said: “There is almost no chance for the African Cup of Nations 2021 to be held next January.”

The source revealed: “The intention is to postpone the competition to be held in January 2022.”

The source further explained that postponing it for 12 months is not the only option on the table, but rather it is proposed to postpone it for 18 months.

The source said: “As for her stay in the summer of 2022, it is not excluded, because the World Cup will take place in November 2022.”

“But we have to study this idea very well so as not to destabilize the African teams participating in the World Cup,” the source said, adding.

There are 4 full rounds in the African Nations Cup qualifiers, in addition to the supplement, less than 7 months ahead of schedule, which reduces the possibility of his stay in January.

The competition, which was held every two years in January, defined a new date in the last version on the land of Egypt when it was played in the summer, before the African Union returns to its establishment in January again starting from the next version.

However, “Kafe” may find himself compelled – according to the report – to return to play in the summer again, after the Coruna virus invaded the world and manipulated football plans.

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