FilGoal | News | Sabry: I objected to the twin joining of Zamalek because of its legacy .. But they fought with us sincerely


Twins Hussam and Ibrahim Hassan chose to leave Zamalek

Mohamed Sabry, the former star of Zamalek, revealed that he was objecting to Hossam and Ibrahim Hassan joining the team because of their eligibility, but they fought sincerely.

Sabry said in statements to On Time Sports 2: “I objected to the transfer of the twins to us because Zamalek is my home and I do not like anyone from Al-Ahly to come to him, especially Hossam and Ibrahim because they were fanatical fans of Al-Ahly, and this is their right.”

He added, “But they played with sincerity and determination, and created a situation and a big boost in the team thanks to the support of the Zamalek fans, to the point that we sometimes changed them spherically.”

Sabry recounted two positions he compiled with Hussam Hassan during his time in Zamalek.

“In one of the matches in front of the arsenal, Khaled Al-Ghandour scored a goal from the narrow angle instead of sending it cross. After the match, Hussam Hassan went to him and congratulated him on the goal and then said to him (the next time I keep my work cross).”

He continued, “I told him (may God curse the goalkeeper for the L Esperance match in Africa). He scored in front of the arsenal in front of the Esperance better? He told me to score in the two teams. He was not normal, he wanted to score all goals and from all places, even if inside the dressing room.”

As for the second position, Sabri says about him: “Once again we were in Zambia to face our defeat. After the training, I gathered the African children and taught them a shout for Zamalek and against Al-Ahly. Hossam Hassan got out of the team bus and said, Who taught them this cheering? I said to him, Why? What is bothering you? He said To me (No, we did not invite an end to leave us alone. ”

“I loved his joke with this, because I know he is ready,” he said.

Hossam and Ibrahim Hassan played for the Zamalek club from 2000 to 2004. They achieved 10 titles, including three league tournaments, the Egypt Cup, the two Egyptian Super Cups, the African Champions League, the African Super Cup, the Arab Championship, and the Egyptian Saudi Super Cup.

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