FilGoal | News | Telegraph: Warning for England soccer players of a “new party drug” causing death


A Premier League player asked for medical advice because of his fears of addiction, and there is concern that another player like him, after the emergence of a new drug in the league players’ parties. According to a report published by the British newspaper “Telegraph”.

The report said that sleeping pills are mixed with alcohol at British soccer players ’parties, which could cause their addiction.

Hypnotic pills are widely available in Britain, either by doctors’ prescriptions or through online purchase sites. They do not follow the recommendations of the International Anti-Doping Organization and are not prohibited.

Hypnotic pills are usually used to help players fall asleep after pushing adrenaline from matches played in the evening or late, but they cause a high state if mixed with alcohol.

One of the playerss agent told the newspaper: “Before the complete closure, some of the players were usually present in nightclubs or homes while they were using that drug.”

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However, there are some side effects and damages including addiction and even an overdose that might cause someone’s death, which players did not take into account.

Colin Bland, executive director of the Sports Opportunity Clinic in England, described these pills and drugs as addictive and very dangerous.

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