FilGoal | News | The Arab Contractors: If the League is canceled, we have the right to participate in the African Championships


Mohamed Adel, the general supervisor of the ball in the Arab contractors, explained the club’s position on participating in the African championships if the Egyptian league was canceled.

The general supervisor said: “The return of the league in accordance with the decision of the state will be after a full study and taking into account all circumstances.”

“Football is an industry, players, media and fans are part of the industry. I hope to complete the league with a special overview, with 17 games remaining, not because we are in second place,” he said on OnTime Sports 2.

So what will the team do if the league is canceled? He responded, “According to the FIFA-accredited sporting merit system, we have the right to qualify for the African Champions League because we are in second place.”

He continued, “We have the right to participate in the African Championship once the league is canceled.”

He added, “Last season we were in fifth place and we did not participate in the Arab championship. We are the third Egyptian club to achieve titles, and the current season and the summer of the competition.

The Arab contractors are ranked second behind Al-Ahly in the league standings table with 33 points from 18 games before the competition stopped.

It is followed by Pyramids with a point and a game less, and Zamalek with 28 points in fourth place and has two matches postponed.

“There are no offers for Taher, they are just rumors from players’ players,” he said of the offers for Taher Mohamed Taher, the team’s wing.

Taher participated in the current season in 6 games and scored a goal, but he missed participating with the Olympic team in the CAF U-23 due to injury.

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