FilGoal | News | The death of a goalkeeper coach in the third section of the Corona virus


Mohamed Abdo, the Badr goalkeeper coach, died Monday of Corona virus.

Mohamed Abdo, the 59-year-old, is a member of the Itai El-Baroud Youth Center team. He was a player in the team before starting work in junior training and then the first team and then worked for a period in Saudi Arabia, before working with the Badr Club, which is in the third section in Egypt. spoke to Mahmoud El-Feki, board member of Itai El-Baroud, about the late Mohamed Abdou.

A member of the Board of Directors said: “Abdo suffered about 9 days ago from illness.”

He added in his remarks with, “The result of analyzes came positive and was quarantined in Kafr El Dawwar.”

“I was in contact with him and he told me that he is not sick with corona, but we confirmed that he had the virus from the hospital statement.”

“We are now waiting for the body to be released from the hospital,” he said.

Abdullah Ali, managing director of the Badr Club, said about Mohamed Abdo He said, “He started working with us as a goalkeeper coach in January.”

He continued in his brief statement with, “We knew previously that he was ill, but we did not confirm at the time whether he was ill with corona or not.”

Alaa Fathallah, General Coach of the former Tanta team, who previously worked in Saudi Arabia with Mohamed Abdo, was keen to talk to On the authority of the late saying: “We were working in Saudi Arabia and decided to return last January, after which Abdo joined the training of Badr Club in the third division.”

“We were in constant contact before being infected with the Corona virus,” he said.

Mohamed Abdou is the first death from corona virus in the Egyptian sports community.

The Egyptian Football Association chaired by Amr El-Ganayni and members of the Board of Directors, Mohamed Abdou, mourned in an official statement published by the Egyptian Federation.

A team headed Condolences to the family of the deceased, calling on the Lord to inspire them with patience and solace.

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