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Football officials in the Egyptian Olympic team friendly against Saudi Arabia

Muhammad Fadl, a member of the five-year committee in charge of managing the Football Association, answered a question: “What will be the decisions of the Federation in the event that the league championship is canceled?”

Fadl said: “In the event that the league is canceled? At that time, the five-year committee will meet first and consider all matters.”

“After that, the committee will meet with all clubs and study everything together and hear all opinions,” he added in his statements with Ontime Sports.

He continued, “Then we will issue the final decisions that will be in favor of the Egyptian football, decisions that will be the closest to the right thing, because it will come after listening to all opinions.”

And on preparing the quintet for all the scenarios regarding the league, Fadl said: “We study everything, and any decision in general on any matter will not be agreed upon by everyone 100%.”

“For example, some clubs, from their point of view, will find that they have been affected by the decision, and some other clubs will find the decisions in their favor, this is logical and in the end we are studying the decisions and their reasons and then we take them for the general good of the Egyptian football.”

Fadl went on to talk about the medical file for the League’s appeal, which was prepared by the Federation, He said, “We prepared the medical file for nearly a month and a half, and we already presented the matter to the Minister of Sports.”

He continued, “The file includes all precautions such as that we saw in the German League, and other things that did not appear to everyone.”

He explained, “Things like numbers in the locker rooms, and the players moved with 3 buses to the stadium, which happened in the German League today, but it did not appear to the fans. We follow moment by moment everything that happens in any competition in the world.”

Football activity in Egypt has been stalled since March 14, due to an outbreak of the Coruna virus.

Al-Ahly is in the lead with 49 points from 17 games, followed by Arab contractors with 33 points from 18 games, then Pyramids with 32 points from 18 games, then Zamalek comes with 31 points from 16 games.

In the relegation struggle, Egypt Club is in last place with 11 points from 17 games, and Egypt is preceded by clearing with 14 points from the same number of matches, while Tigris played 18 games and collected 15 points, Tanta played 18 games and collected 16 points.

The last three teams in the league standings fall to the second degree, while the champion and his runner-up in the African Champions League will play next season, and the third-placed participates in the Confederation as well as the fourth-ranked player in the event that no team from outside the first 4 centers crowned the Egyptian Cup title.

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