FilGoal | News | The second man – Al-Shishiny to Al-Joule: This is what I benefited from de Castal .. Abdel-Halim Ali was like a coach.


Everyone always pays attention to the coach’s role, the plan he plays, his way of playing and his relationship with players, the public and management.

But in the shadows, there is another man who does everything and his mission is no less important than the importance of the coach .. He is the general coach, the second man in any technical staff.

And that episode we will be with Sami El-Shishiny and to talk about his work with coach Michel de Castal.

Who was the player that the technical staff considered as another coach on the field?

Abdel Halim Ali was considered a coach on the field because we included many young people with him at the time, such as Sabri Rahil, Hazem Imam, Ahmed Abdel Raouf, Ahmed Al Merghani, Muhammad Ibrahim and Sharif Ashraf.

A situation that occurred in the club or between the players and did not inform the coach for the best interest of the team?

I didn’t hide anything from the coach when he trusts you. He always listens to you. Generally, the foreign coach does not give his assistant all the work, but keeps some things for himself.

A decision made by the coach and did not agree with him?

He was refusing the manager of the ball and he agreed to my request to help the director of the ball solve the problems facing us, and Mahmoud Saad was indeed appointed.

A decision made by the coach that caused his change and was something positive?

Alaa Ali, may God have mercy on him, was refusing to join the first team and I told him that he is a good player and held a friendly match and he actually saw it and was escalated.

From that time on he became more confident in my opinion.

What did you benefit most from the foreign coaches you worked with?

De Castel taught me the system in everything, preparing for matches, caring about the smallest details, and that all players train the day after the meeting and then on the third day they get a break.

The best coach you’ve worked with?

De Castell in tactical and organizational terms, and Ismail Youssef psychologically.

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