FilGoal | News | Under the Spotlight – Nader El-Sayed to in the Joule: Nagy was the worst coach of my career … and Al-Hadari was jealous of me


Here, the football stars have told us to either tell us the truth or refuse to answer the question. We only want what really happened and what you feel.

The fourth episode in the star of the series, under the spotlight on, will be with Al Ahly, Zamalek and former Egyptian national team Nader El Sayed.

Your worst season?

2005-2006 in Al-Ahly because I did not participate because I was away from joining the Egyptian team.

The worst coach?

Ahmed Naji, as he was refusing my presence in Al-Ahly and the administration took the decision to join the team and could not refuse.

Manuel Jose had heard about Nader El Sayed but he didn’t see me much.

I remember at the Club World Cup in Japan in the first game I participated in, I suffered from a slight tightening of the obesity muscle.

In the light exercise, Naji did a strange behavior after he trained vigorously, including jumping, even though the exercise was light and he knew my suffering from muscle strain.

He drew his attention to the fact that this training was light and he always told me that it was made by Issam Al-Hadary and he was always defending the thing that he built.

Naji used to say Al-Hadary at his best and I moved to Al-Ahly and I am at my best I moved to Al-Ahly and I am the main goalkeeper for the Egyptian national team.

When I moved to Al-Ahly, Naji thought I would do problems when I did not participate in matches. After five or six games he told me when are you going?

I felt surprised at his speech and told him that I have a contract here for three years, why am I leaving? How do you tell me that?

Here I am not talking about Naji’s character, but about the personality of a coach who was not fair to me.

The worst defender of Zamla?

A defender who was in the Greek league for the Akratitos team when I played there but I do not remember his name at the moment.

The best goal of housing your goal?

The goal of Mostafa Hajji is the Moroccan national team player in the 1998 African Nations Cup.

A player you felt would change you?

Essam El-Hadary, in the 1998 African Nations Cup, and after defeating Mozambique, he did not want to participate in the training because he was not chosen to play mainly.

Our coach Mahmoud Al-Gohari was going to take a decision to deport him from the camp because of his behavior, but the problem was solved.

However, after the end of the second match, his feelings of malaise became increasing and he wanted to play the last game in the group stage against Morocco.

Urban has always been so.

The weakest team you faced?

The national team of Namibia in the 2002 World Cup qualifiers, and I remember we faced them in Alexandria.

Act your loss?

Retiring in 2008, I could continue.

The player challenged you?

There was always a special challenge between me and Walid Salah El Din, the player of Al Ahly, he was a very smart player and one of the best players in the history of Egypt.

In the top matches between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, we had a special challenge on the field, through passes, excuses and shots, and whether or not I will address it.

I remember in the 1994 summit meeting, he played alone and played on my intellect and hit the ball against me, but I expected his decision and hit the ball.

A bet you lost?

Playing for Al-Ahly to maintain my place in the Egyptian national team, I am not talking about Al-Ahly entity here because it is a big club but I am talking about the circumstances that did not help me play and it was an unfortunate experience.

A bet you won?

He played for Goldie in 2002, and he is a small club, and success with him.

“She saved me,” to whom did you say it?

For myself because I did not fight to continue on the pitch.

If you weren’t a footballer, what would you be?

I love being a cop.

Strange position experienced by him?

With Zamalek, we were facing the Nigerian Century Stores in 1993 before the CAF Champions League final, and we went out after the end of the match under tear gas.

Before we finish our conversation I would like to say that what I am talking about is just a history that actually happened and I bear no grudge towards anyone.

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