FilGoal | News | Werner closes the door to Bayern: I prefer to leave Germany


Timo Werner has admitted that he prefers to move out of Germany rather than Bayern Munich.

Werner is a target of Juventus, Inter and Liverpool clubs outside Germany.

“Bayern is a great club, there is no need to talk about that,” Werner told the German “Bild” website.

“This season, Bayern Munich coach Hansi Flick has proven to be a very good coach. But if I have to leave, I would rather leave abroad instead of Bayern.”

“Just another league challenge will attract me more than just playing for another team in the German league.”

“There should be mutual appreciation. That is why I chose Red Bull Leipzig previously. That is why I will choose the club that gives me the same feeling,” he said of his next choice.

Werner has scored 27 goals this season and has a contract with Leipzig until 2023, with an estimated market value of 70 million euros.

The club’s sporting director, Oliver Mantzelv, has warned against the possibility of selling the stars of the team that qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time in its history this season.

He told Sport 1: “We have to sell before buying, but I think a few can be sold, and above all, we don’t want to sell our players for less than their market value.”

“With the Corona virus, we currently have other problems besides contracts. We know and know the terms of our players’ contracts, especially those of our best players.”

“It is not a good idea to let them leave at no cost. This is the case for Timo Werner and it will be the same for Dayut Obamecano. I am thinking about the financial aspects,” he concluded.

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