Flavio reveals the secret of his mastery of his headbands and Jose’s challenge to Al-Ahly officials


The Angolan Amado Flavio, the former Al-Ahly striker, stressed that he feels great joy when speaking to the Egyptian fans, expressing his happiness and his love for Egypt and the Egyptian people, stressing that he was honored by his presence in the Red Fort.

Flavio added during his intervention through the program of the three fans, which is broadcast on the channel On Time Sport, today, that the championships crowned by Al-Ahly represent him a lot in his career, noting that the achievements are what make the player and without them the situation will be difficult for him, saying: “I had The honor of being in Al Ahly and we had a good coach and a strong group of players, during which we managed to achieve many titles and all of this is higher than any player. “

Striker pointed Al-Ahly The former, that his first season with Al-Ahly was not good because he did not achieve goals during which he was waiting for the fans, adding: “Despite this, I benefited from the first season and learned a lot during it because I was making and helping my colleagues and learned a lot, but the fans wanted to You see me go down. “

Flavio continued his statements by saying: “What happened with me in the first season happened with many players and the big secret that helped me get past this is that I knew as much as I could and knew that all of this would change, besides that Manuel Jose, the technical manager at that time for Al-Ahly, was helping me and supporting me and my colleagues as well. He continued, “Jose caught me, although there are administrators and officials in Al-Ahly who did not want me to be there.”

Regarding the secret of the harmony between him and the Angolan Gilberto, he said: “The secret in my achievement of goals was because of my confidence in myself and the confidence of my colleagues and the technical director in me, there was a period that the masses do not like me because of my lack of goals, but then the matter developed and love became mutual.”

Flavio continued his statements about the secret of his headstrokes when he was a player in Al-Ahly, saying: “The secret is because I used to train in crosses a lot, both when I was playing Gilberto and I in the Angolan team and the Angolan team and we trained a lot in Al-Ahly, and I was able to adapt to the timing of jumping and hitting the ball And the Angolan ball depends on the matter in moving the wings and playing cross balls, so I was distinguished by it. “

Flavio added that he trained a lot on the crosses and how to take advantage of them and he scored many goals, and Gilberto was reading my ideas and knowing where I am in the penalty area, adding: “After that Al-Ahly players returned to this method and started playing for me crosses and we scored many goals from them.”

Flavio stressed that he had a good relationship with Imad Miteb, the former Al-Ahmar striker, stressing that this relationship continues until now, stressing that he misses many players in his generation, commenting: “When Miteb was the first national striker in the national team in Angola, the relationship was Among them was Thebes, saying: “There was a very good understanding on the field with Tired even though I was introverted at that time, but there was great harmony between us,” adding: “I always liked playing with smart players because we understood each other very well and tired as a player. Very smart and understanding was the key“.

And about the most defender he was afraid to face and work for him in the Egyptian league, Flavio said: “In the Egyptian league there were strong defenders like the players of Zamalek had strong defenders but I do not remember the names now.” He continued: “There was a defender playing in the Border Guard team that was He always plays so hard in front of me that I felt like he wanted to kill me on the field. “

He continued: “I do not remember that I lost to Zamalek in any match I played with Al-Ahly,” stressing that when he left Al-Ahly in 2009 to move to Saudi youth, he had a great challenge seeking to achieve, saying: “Al-Ahly materially benefited from my move to Saudi youth, and I went I am 29 years old at the time, and the financial offer was encouraging for me to improve the financial situation of my life. “

Regarding the worst game he played with Al-Ahly, he said: “The match in which I lost the penalty kick against Zamalek, and the moment that the fans were very angry with me and put great pressure on me.” And his interpretation of Manuel Jose’s success with Al-Ahly and his failure with Angola, he replied, “Angola was She has good players, but during the African Nations Championship I was suffering from a muscle tear along with 3 other players who were injured and in the quarter-finals against Ghana we lost the match and if we were in our normal state we would have beaten Ghana and won the championship too, but we had physical problems. “

When asked about the best players during the current time in Al-Ahly, Flavio said: “Last season I did not follow well for the team because there are many new players and in people I do not know, it is difficult to speak about Al-Ahly because I saw a few games.”


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