For the first time … behind the scenes and details of the official “Ramez Majnoon” program (video)


08:00 PM

Thursday, May 21, 2020

I wrote – Noor Ibrahim

Ramez Jalal surprised his fans today with the presentation of the scenes of his program “Ramez Mahnoun Official,” which is shown on the channel “mbc”, and revealed during the episode the details and scenes of his previous episodes.

Ramez showed the place where he photographed the prank, a studio in Dubai located at 2,400 meters, and is considered the largest studio in the Middle East.

Ramiz revealed a place under the studio and said: “People see who is above, but they do not know that under a whole city, everyone knows his role and executes it accurately.”

As for the truth chair, it is a robot from Spain, and its tools came from England, but it does not generally rely on it during the implementation of the prank to avoid mistakes.

As for the “Bambino” dog that appears with him and explained Ramez that he is a robot, and because of his purchase is entertainment before the guest came, and stressed that it is a very accurate robot.

As for the tank was used by engineers, plumbers and divers to protect the guest and save any emergency situation.

Speaking on the crab, he said: “She was purring my fingers before the guest, and conscious advice shook her crab to eat.”

As for the song of Ramiz Jalal, the YouTube star, he confirmed that it came to him during the filming of the program, and was not in the agreed arrangements.

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