For the second time in 6 months … Yasmine Sabry is wearing the wedding dress again


The artist Yasmine Sabry raised a case of widespread controversy in her episode yesterday in the series “Second Chance”, in which she appears in a wedding dress to marry “Ziyad”, which presents Ahmed Magdy.

This was an area of ​​foreplay on the part of Yasmine Sabry’s followers, as they said that she married twice in 15 days, in reference to her marriage to the businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, who was announced about two weeks ago.

Yasmine Sabry appeared again in the wedding dress in Mashhad with her new series, “A Second Chance”, to announce her marriage to Ahmed Magdy after suffering throughout the work events.

It is reported that the series “A Second Chance” is starring Yasmine Sabry, Ahmed Magdy, Edward, Sarah Al-Shamy, and written by Mohamed Sayed Bashir and directed by Mark Adel.

A few days ago, Yasmine Sabry sparked a state of widespread controversy because of her fiery statements about Ramiz Jalal after he deleted a large part of her talk about Ahmed Abu Hashima in the program “Ramiz Majnoun Officially.”

She announced her outrage at Ramiz Jalal, who underestimated her words, deleted a large part of it, and kept one word, “laughing at me.”

Yasmine Sabry


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