Games in popular Google slogans .. Play PAC-MAN, Cricket and lots of google doodle games


Games in the innovative Google slogans popular google doodle games, the search engine launched Google a few days ago and through its famous logo in the middle of the web page, a group of famous and popular games in digital video games, including the new ones, including the re-launch, and these games that Google recently launched within the accompanying changes For the case of domestic stone, where most of the countries of the world live in a comprehensive curfew and closure often due to the Corona pandemic that hit the world, in addition to that Google wants to teach young children the software and technical skills in these games.

Games in Google’s innovative logos

And within Google’s endless interests, keeping pace with many events in the world, such as commemorating some famous scientists, artists or any historical figure, and celebrating the national days of countries, Google decided to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the field of coding for children, so the game platform launched through Google logos Google Innovative trend to motivate students to learn programming and coding languages ​​throughout the home quarantine period.

To enter Google logos games:

The best games in Google’s innovative logos

According to gaming experts and technology, these are the best fun games in the Google logos:

  • Braille system game
  • Featured barcode game
  • Game bunny who tries to collect carrots
  • Playing cricket
  • Game dwarves parks

Play PAC-MAN via the Google logotype games

One of the most popular games is the Pac-Man game, which is a game belonging to the Japanese company Namco. It was released in 1980, and since the beginning of its release, the Pac-Man game is one of the oldest games that are still preferred by many old and young people. The Pac-Man game has become a social phenomenon in The 1980s, when a cartoon movie was made for her and released many products for this popular game.

PAC-MAN game link on Google:

In addition to the Pac-Man game, there are many, many more games on the Google Creative Logos Archive, all designed to teach children coding and programming in a way that suits children from anywhere in the Arab or Western world.

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