George Floyd, the victim of violence in America, a pornographic hero ?! – Pictures


Trading pages on social media, a surprise aboutGeorge FloydVictim of the murder that took place in the United States and was carried out by a policeman after he knocked on the neck of the victim until he died of suffocation, which confirmed that he is the hero of pornographic films.
One of the pages published pictures of him from some of his films and commented: “George Floyd” who was the victim of a racist crime; Sweep sitesPorn MoviesAfter news spread that he was a porn star, Views of his films increased to reach one million views per movie!
America is witnessing a wave of large protests, after the killing of Florid following the transmission of a video clip that rocked social networking sites, and considered a “racist” crime because the victim was a brown skin.
George Florid’s death during his violent arrest by two policemen led to anger, which later turned into looting and shoplifting accompanied by a state of violence and vandalism.


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