George Floyd’s death: what happened in the last minutes of his life?


George Floyd

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George Floyd assured the police officers holding him that he could not breathe

American cities rise up with massive demonstrations to protest the death of an African American during his detention.

George Floyd, 46, was killed after his arrest in front of a store in the Minneapolis area of ​​Minnesota.

Footage of the May 25 arrest showing a white policeman named Derek Chauvin pressing his knee on Floyd’s neck fixed to the ground. Chauffin, 44, is charged with murder.

The main events, before Floyd’s death, did not exceed 30 minutes.

The details of this are based on the testimony of witnesses, a video clip, and statements by officials:

Report to the police

The tale started with the reporting of a $ 20 fake banknote.

The communication was recorded on the evening of May 25, after Floyd bought cigarettes from a grocery store named Cape Foods. When the seller in the store thought that the banknote was a fake, he informed the police.

Floyd had lived in Minneapolis for several years after he moved there from his hometown of Houston, Texas. Until recently, he worked as a security guard in the city, but like millions of Americans he lost his job due to the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic.

Floyd was a regular customer at Cap Foods grocery store. “He was friendly and never caused a problem,” said shop owner Mike Abumeala.

However, “Abumiyaleh” was not in the shop on the day of the incident, and with regard to reporting on the fake banknote, the seller in the store was following the system followed at work.

At 20:01, the seller called the police and informed that he had asked Floyd to return the cigarettes, but the latter “did not want to,” according to the text of the communication published by the authorities.

It did not take seven minutes for the seller to call until two police officers came. Floyd was sitting not far with two other people in a parked car on the side of the road.

As he approached the car where Floyd was located, one of the officers, Thomas Lin, pulled out his weapon and ordered Floyd to raise his hands high.

Why did Officer Lin think that he should withdraw his weapon? This was not made clear by prosecutors who said that Officer Lynn “threw his hands on Floyd, pulled him from the car.” And “Floyd resisted handcuffing.”

But as soon as Floyd was placed in handcuffs he complied, while Officer Lynn made it clear that he was being arrested for “fake banknotes.”

The resistance started when the two officers tried to put Floyd into the police patrol car.

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Derek Chauven is scheduled to appear in Minneapolis court on Monday

At approximately 20:14, Floyd solidified and fell to the ground, telling the two officers that he was suffering from indoor phobia, according to the report.

Then Officer Chuvin arrived, and along with the other two officers tried to get Floyd into the patrol car. In that attempt, at exactly 20:19, Officer Chuvin pulled Floyd and knocked him to the ground, where he directed him to the ground, with his hands tied behind his back.

“I can not breathe”

The witnesses were filming the scene as Floyd appeared to be in a tense situation. These were the last moments of Floyd’s life and were captured by more cameras from a mobile phone and soon found a way to spread on social media platforms.

While two officers were restraining the handcuffed movement of Floyd, the officer pressed Chauvin on his knee on Floyd’s neck who shouted more than once: “I can’t breathe.”

For eight minutes 46 seconds, Officer Chuvin pressed his knee to Floyd’s neck, according to the prosecutors’ report.

Six minutes later, Floyd was not responding. The video shows people urging officers to feel the heart of Floyd who had lost his pronunciation at the time.

When it reached 20:27, Officer Choufen removed his knee from over the neck of Floyd, who had become a lifeless body, and then to be carried on a stretcher to the Hennepin County Medical Center in an ambulance.

After about an hour at the medical center, Floyd’s death was announced.

A night before his death, Floyd had spoken to a close friend of mine named Christopher Harris, who advised him to contact an employment agency.

Harris asserts that counterfeiting is a process incompatible with Floyd’s personality.

“The way Floyd died is futile,” Harris says. “He was begging for life. He was crying to be alive. When you try to believe in this system and you know that he does not include you, when you cling to the demand for justice through legal channels and you cannot afford it, then you start to Apply the law your way. ”

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