German scientists surprise the world about infection tests for Corona


German scientists surprise the world about infection tests for Corona


                    Andreas Gebert

German scientists surprised the world by declaring that swabs taken from the mouth, nose, or pharynx do not always prove infection with the emerging coronavirus.

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Doctors at the University Hospital Freiburg stated in the journal “Deutsche Medecinische Fuchenstreft” that this common form of testing may give negative results for a case already infected with the Coronavirus.

The doctors explained that this was already evident in a HIV-positive person from Freiburg, where the results of three smears from the pharynx were negative.

Doctors therefore recommended analyzing other stool samples or deep respiratory secretions, if the regular smears showed negative results repeatedly, despite the justified suspicion of infection of the emerging coronavirus.

According to the data, the case related to a 46-year-old patient who went to the University Hospital Freiburg with symptoms of cough and fever a week after its appearance.

After the three negative smears the patient underwent, doctors were able to establish the presence of genes for the Coruna virus at the end of the analysis of respiratory secretions (phlegm).

At this time, the symptoms of the infection disappeared in the patient. Although the patient had several risk factors, due to obesity, high blood pressure, fat levels and high blood sugar, he survived the infection without major complications.

It should be noted that smears from the mouth, nose or pharynx are a common practice for proving the emergence of an emerging coronavirus, but there are increasing indications that this method is not always reliable, according to doctor Daniel Hornos of the University Hospital Freiburg.

Doctors advise experimenting with genetic testing on other vital materials such as sputum, deep respiratory secretions or stools, when laboratory values ​​and CT results indicate infection of the new Corona virus.

Source: “DBA”

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