Global Health announces good news and bad news about the Corona virus … and lifted the closure


The director said World Health Organization Tedros Adhanum Gerbossus: There are now more than 4 million cases of B.Corona Virus Around the world, as many countries over the past week began to gradually lift home stay orders and other restrictions.

Adhanum added that these countries imposed these strict measures, sometimes called closures, in response to the widespread spread of the emerging epidemic of Coronavirus “Covid 19”, and many took advantage of time to increase their ability to test, track, isolate and care for patients, which is the best way to track the virus, slow its spread and relieve stress from Health systems.

“The good news is that there has been a great deal of success in slowing the spread of the Coruna virus and saving lives,” Adhanum said. “These powerful measures have come at a cost and we recognize the serious social and economic impact of closures, which have had a negative impact on the lives of many people.”

He continued: “In order to protect lives and livelihoods, slowly and steadily raising closings is essential for both stimulating economies, with vigilance monitoring of the virus so that control measures can be implemented quickly if a rise in cases occurs.

Gerbosus stressed that the six criteria announced by the World Health Organization must be achieved in order to gradually lift the closures, stressing that lifting the closure is complicated and difficult.

He continued: “In Wuhan, the first group of cases of HIV infection has been identified since the embargo was lifted, and in Germany there have been reports of an increase in cases since the restrictions were eased, and in South Korea, pubs and clubs have been closed because of a case of infection and many contacts have been traced to them.”

He continued, “Fortunately, the three countries have systems to detect and respond to any mutations in injuries.”

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