Google gives its employees a leave on May 22nd to reduce overwork from home


“Alphabet”, Google’s parent company, said it asked employees for leave on May 22, to address work-related fatigue from the home during the spread of the Corona Virus pandemic, as CEO Sander Pichai announced the leave in a staff memo, which was revealed by the CNBC report.

Google said it would start to reopen more offices worldwide in early June, but most Google employees are likely to work from home until the end of this year, while Facebook said on Friday it would allow workers able to work remotely to work From their homes until the end of 2020.

It is reported that the virus, which has infected more than 3.9 million people worldwide so far, has imposed severe restrictions in most countries and changed the way companies operate, with home-based work emerging as a new rule.

Regarding work from home in addition to Google and Facebook, Microsoft, led by Satya Nadella, announced that it gives its employees the option of working from home until October, according to the report, the company has modified its work from home policies this week, and Microsoft said in a statement to the publisher: “In 4 May we confirmed that upon lifting the restrictions, work from home will remain optional until October unless the employees are in a key role delegating to local authorities otherwise.

As for Amazon, led by Jeff Bezos, it told employees who can do their work from home that they can do this until at least October 2, which sets a timetable for return to work for many employees as the company faces an audit of the conditions of its warehouse, and an Amazon spokesman said “employees Those working in a job that can be done effectively from home are welcome to do so until at least October 2, “adding that it applies to these roles globally.


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