Growing complaints about the loss of the sense of “smell and taste” .. and two specialists resolve the controversy


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Wednesday 27 May 2020

Books – Ahmed Jumaa:

Lately, complaints have increased from many of them suffering from loss of sense of smell and taste during the past days, and their fear of this being linked to the “Covid-19” disease caused by the “corona virus”.

For her part, Dr. Maysa Sharaf Al-Din, Professor of Chest and Allergology at the Faculty of Medicine of Kasr Al-Aini, told Masrawy, the extent to which complaints of loss of smell or taste related to corona are related.

“Sharaf Al-Din” said that if a person has one with allergic rhinitis without other symptoms, some of them experience a loss of smell from time to time, and in this case if he is not committed to his treatment then he may feel this symptom from time to time, and he has to return to his treatment once Others stick to it.

She noted that if the loss of smell and taste is a new symptom and not a person with allergic rhinitis, and complains about some other symptoms such as “cracking in the body, a slight rise in temperature, burning in the mouth, difficulty swallowing, irritability, or digestive disorders”, then these Matters call into question the possibility of coronavirus infection, and he or he should go to the doctor to prove or deny his infection with the virus.

The Professor of Chest Diseases indicated that the doctor corresponds to the patient and directs to conduct a blood and x-ray analysis, or PCR analysis for some cases, follow-up: “I should not strive and the doctor is the most capable of diagnosis, and the more he performed this without delay, the more simple and effortless treatment.”

This is what Dr. Yousry Akl, Professor of Chest Diseases at the Faculty of Medicine of Kasr Al-Aini, indicated, explaining that between 15: 10% of Corona patients suffer from a loss of smell and lack of taste, considering that this percentage is not low.

But “Aqel” explains to Masrawy that some people may feel a loss of smell and taste a “false” feeling, as a result of the suspicion of contracting the virus.

He said: “It is known that the symptoms of” Corona “include loss of sense of smell, taste and loss of appetite, but chest x-rays must be performed to ensure that there is no infection, and this is the most important.”

Professor of chest diseases added that: “At the present time, any person who loses the sense of smell, taste and appetite should refer to the specialist doctor, because it is a symptom of” Corona “especially with the increase in cases recently, and at that time blood and liquid tests are performed, and CT scans on the chest to see how affected Lung, or is another disease that gets treated. “

He concluded his speech: “In general, anyone who suffers from high fever, diarrhea, a broken body or a loss of sense of smell, must be considered suspect of having a corona.”

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