Haifa Wehbe breaks her silence and opens fire on Yasmine Sabry


It seems that the crisis of businessman Ahmad Abu Hashima with his Lebanese wife has not ended yet, especially after the announcement of his marriage to the brilliant artist Yasmine Sabry, which made her lose her silence and push her to attack the couple.

Commenting on the link between her name and the name of the businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, Haifa Wehbe wrote through her official account on the application of sharing pictures and short videos “Instagram” a publication saying: “Why do you enter me with a story that is not my story?” (The plan is unsuccessful) Hermit helps you, you are free to some! But I am not going to cover my scandal, jingle or bell or hangers .. I am Baba Yala !! ».

Haifa Wehbe

Haifas comment initially sparked controversy about who was intended, but Haifas use of emoji tiger settled the matter that what was intended was Abu Hashima, and what was meant by “scandal” was what Abu Hashima encountered after allegedly inappropriate videos were posted.

It is mentioned that Haifa had requested that her name not be associated with the name of Abu Hashima, because he obtained fame by her name and did not want to obtain more of it at her expense .. Abu Hashima, who entered the golden cage recently with Yasmine Sabry, had pictures of them spread from the engagement period and she She wears a tiger-style dress similar to Haifa, and due to the introduction of the subject, Jasmine made a surprising step, wearing a tiger-embroidered shoe at her wedding ceremony, as if to send a veiled message from the subject.


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