Hala Sidky on the treatment of Rajaa Al-Jeddawi: “If you have a favoritism, you cannot be familiar with it in Ismailia”


Egyptian actress Hala Sidky defended her colleague, artist Rajaa El-Gedawy, during her treatment trip from Corona, attacking those who denounced her treatment and placing her in a private room on her own, inside a hospital for treatment.”My friend” wrote on her personal page on “Facebook”: “I mean, it is assumed that her relative will die and do not treat because she is an artist?”, She did not understand, and she had priority because she is a big six, and because Corona poses a greater danger to older people, and what reaction if she was injured without A cure ?, Would you simplify ?, even if in favoritism there was no affiliation in Ismailia, any hospital in Cairo went to the side of her house.

She added: “The six de Corona visited her while she was working, not like you, she donated and said that she buys the holiday feast for her granddaughter, and she preferred to work for another moment with full commitment, not because she broke the laws and went out or walked or walked.”She addressed the doctors to the doctors: “Dear gentlemen, doctors, of course, cutting their good, and certainly they have priority in treatment, but it is not the bed of Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, who disrupted the rescue of any citizen, is an Egyptian citizen and has all the rights to treatment, without bullying and without a method the artist will not be In Dell, the list is for you to rest, and since we are in an emergency situation, it is incumbent on the private sector hospitals that have earned millions of us to donate even one role to important cases or one hospital for doctors who sacrifice their lives to treat them, because in reality countries have priority.

And she concluded: “We are still coming out of Ramadan, which means we must have at least a little mercy and respect for the elderly, and it is sufficient for Al-Jeddawi to feel hope, and the Arab ambulance is sufficient to move her at dawn, and she is sick, and alone without any limit you know for a period of three hours until you reach the Ismailis, Waiting for the unknown alone, and certainly waiting for supplication for her and not bullying, may God return her and return all our patients in safety, and save all the doctors of Egypt, the angels of mercy who swore their oath on the day of graduation and adhere to it, all of them have all appreciation and respect. ”

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