Hamada Abdel-Latif mocked the Club of the Century title: “Change the theories of Pythagoras”


Hamada Abdel Latif, the former star of Zamalek, mocked the white club’s failure to win the title of the Club of the Twentieth Century in Africa, and Al-Ahly won it in 2001, saying: “I am long knowing that 9 is more than 7 … but it is clear in him that I want to change theories of the mathematician Pythagoras, “and Abdel Latif, through statements on the Zamalek channel, blamed the previous councils of the Zamalek club for not opening the Century Club file and not demanding the rights of the White Club.

Zamalek is calling for the title that Al-Ahly won in 2001, and officials of the Mit Oqba Castle rely on the coronation of a greater number of African championships in the last century, which the African Union did not adopt before in determining the title holder in the brown continent, so officials of the White Castle reopened this The file to claim the title.

Murtada Mansour gave the Quartet of the Zamalek Committee a month to collect all the files and submit a report to him to amend it before moving formally towards submitting a case regarding the white club’s eligibility to obtain the title of the Horn of Africa Club, in addition to communicating formally with the African Union on that issue.

Also set up officials Zamalek The possibility of seeking the assistance of a foreign lawyer who has experience to move this issue urgently after collecting all the files related to it within the period specified by Mansour for the quadrants of the committee that was formed in the meeting of the Board of Directors, which was formally approved by the Council in the presence of all its members except for Dr. Sharifa Al Far, a member of the Board of Directors who She was absent from the meeting, and she agreed on the phone with all the decisions taken by the council in its meeting that was held last Wednesday evening.


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