Hamzah Ibn Al-Shahid Al-Mansi Al-Mansi: “My revenge, I am Lessa Majash.”


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Hamza Ibn al-Shahid, Colonel Staff of Ahmad al-Mansi, said that he continued today’s episode of the series “The Choice”, stressing that he would take revenge for his father from the Takfiri terrorists, and continued: “I see myself heal .. If I get one, God knows no one will work in it .. I am possible Chopper in my hand.

Ibn Al-Shahid added, during a phone call to the “Ninth” program, presented by Wael Al-Ibrashi, through the Egyptian Channel One, that the Egyptian army took revenge for the martyrs of the homeland, and continued: “But my revenge is not for me.”

Ibn Al-Shahid emphasized that he wishes to be an officer in the future in order to take revenge on the takfiris and the terrorists. He continued: “I want to say to the infidels, God willing, it will come today that they will not be able to move even in the tunnels of their own.”

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