Hani Ramzi: I did not expect Salah to reach this position quickly … and it happened


Hany Ramzy, the former coach of Egypt, confirmed that he did not expect Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian team player and professional in the ranks of Liverpool, to reach this position in such a speed and in a short time.

Ramzi said in statements to the channel On Time Sports: “During the participation of Mohamed Salah with the Egyptian team in the London 2012 Olympics, his level was distinctive and he played in his own way.”

He continued: “We expected Salah to appear well, but no one expected that he would reach that global position in that short period.”

He added, that Salah succeeded in a short time to reach a long distance to be among the best 3 players in the world today thanks to his effort.

He pointed out that Mohamed Salah did not enjoy special treatment during his presence with the 2012 Olympic team, and everyone was equal, including Salah.

He explained that the Egyptian team got only 60% of the capabilities of Mohamed Salah, which he appears during his participation with Liverpool.

Ramzy completed his statements: “The experience of training the Egyptian Olympic team was the most enjoyable of being in the technical staff of the first team because I was the first man and I still have a dream to return to the training of the first Egyptian team in the future.”


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