Hani Zadeh: Mustafa Mohammed equals 10 million euros … and Ferrera “vanity rides”


Hani Zada, a member of the Zamalek board of directors, said that the leaks were the reason for the failure of a large number of deals of the white team, noting that the popularity of the White Castle increased from the beginning of the sixties with the generation that appeared at the time, and the presence of big names that built the club.

He added Hani Zadeh That Scottish McLeish, the former coach of the first team for the soccer club in Zamalek, is one of the distinguished coaches who took over the training of the white team.

Hani Zadeh clarified during TV statements to the channel “On Time Sports” with the media Saif Zahir, saying: “McLeish is a distinguished coach and he succeeded in leading Zamalek to win away from home against Canon Yaounde in the African Championship in addition to a tie against one of the Algerian teams, and McLeish’s problem was in the auxiliary device where he The general coach I brought in was making changes in the 90th minute. “

Hani Zadeh pointed out, “The Portuguese Jesualdo Ferrera succeeded in leading Zamalek to win the League and Cup championships, but in his last vanity run, his knee was rigid and this affected the team’s performance. In the match of the coastal star Ferrera, I thought of Atouvester, the former coach of Zamalek, who was the cause of the loss from Al-Ahly with a six-way where the coach opened The Portuguese streaked the team and lost five goals to one. “

The member of the Zamalek Board of Directors concluded that Mostafa Mohamed, the striker of the Zamalek team, will be valued at at least 10 million euros, and that some clubs have purchased a player for 120 million pounds.


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