Happened at night. | The fact that one of the detainees is suffering from corona and 15 photos


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Sunday 17 May 2020

Yesterday night, and even the early hours of Sunday morning, witnessed many important events at the local and international levels, the most prominent of which were:

“Health” denies the imposition of a complete ban on the holiday .. and confirms: “fabricated news”
Dr. Khaled Mujahid, media adviser to the Ministry of Health and Population, denied reports that the comprehensive curfew was imposed on Eid Al-Fitr, saying that “these news are fabricated.”

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“We broke the daily barrier” … by Lamees Al-Hadidi on the health statement regarding Corona injuries
The media commented to Lamees Al-Hadidi on the rise in the number of new infections of the new virus “Covid-19”, an increase of 92 cases from yesterday, despite its decline for several days, saying: “It seems that these declines were not continuous.”
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A security source denies injuring a number of detainees in the Nasr City section of Corona
The Security Information Center of the Ministry of Interior denied the allegation of some Brotherhood channels that a number of detainees in connection with cases inside the first Nasr City Police Department had been infected with the “Corona” virus.
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“Providing them with equipment and analyzes” .. The Minister of Health reveals the details of the tents of “Abbasid fevers”
Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, praised the rates of implementation of development work and raising the ongoing efficiency of the Fever and Sadr Hospitals, in the framework of the Ministry’s plan to develop fever and chest hospitals nationwide to provide all medical services.
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With compressed oxygen … he started treating a doctor who lost his sight during his work in “Corona Isolation” in Kafr El-Sheikh
Dr. Amr Abu Samra, head of the Doctors Syndicate in Kafr El-Sheikh, announced on Saturday the beginning of the treatment stages of doctor Mahmoud Sami Qneiber, who lost his vision and movement, while working in the treatment of people with coronavirus at the Isolation Hospital in Baltim.
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Postponement outside the calculations .. A source of “Education”: 3 options for high school students regarding exams
Sources at the Ministry of Education and Technical Education revealed the latest developments of the Ministry’s preparations for the secondary school exams.
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15 pictures that monitor what floods have done in Sohag, Sohag, and water suction efforts
Major General Essam El-Din El-Laithy, Secretary General of Sohag Governorate, accompanied by Engineer Tariq Al-Warraqi, Assistant Secretary of the Governorate, and Accountant Atef Al-Samati, head of the East Sohag neighborhood, visited the villages of Awlad Al-Sheikh and Al-Mashaikh in the district of Awlad Yahya Village Council in Dar Al-Salam Center, south of the governorate, to determine the extent of the losses suffered by the village due to the heavy rains And torrents.
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Obama criticizes his country’s response to the Corona virus in a rare public rebuke
Former US President Barack Obama on Saturday criticized officials in his country who are dealing with the Corona virus pandemic in a rare public rebuke of the current administration.
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Italy plans to open museums starting May 19
Planning is underway to open the museums of the Italian capital, Rome, after two-stage quarantine, the first on May 19 and the second on June 2, according to the network “Russia Today”.
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