Hassan Farid: Abu Trika signed for Al-Ahly for 450,000 pounds and rejected “a bag


3:00 AM

Sunday 10 May 2020

Books – Ali Al-Bahji:
Hassan Farid, the former head of the Arsenal club, talked about the scenes of the transfer of Mohamed Abu Trika to Al-Ahly several years ago, pointing out that he was surprised by the signing of the player when he went to perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia.

“Abu Trika was supposed to renew the team for 200,000 pounds in January, because at the end of the season he was going to be a free player and he has the right to play for any team,” Farid said in comments to Ontime Sports.

He explained that he was sticking to Abu Trika staying with the arsenal, and when he traveled to Saudi Arabia and returned; he knew the player’s signature for Al-Ahly, when he went and sat with Hassan Hamdi, the head of Al-Ahly, and got to know his signature on joining forms for the team.

He pointed out that Abu Trika moved to Al-Ahly in exchange for the arsenal obtaining 450 thousand pounds, and he refused the time Zamalek offer, which was more than a large number.

He stressed that Abu Trika slept that night in the mosque until the morning to go to the arsenal and give him the bag for fear of being robbed, noting that he asked a security member to go with Abu Trika to return the money of Zamalek after he confirmed the player’s desire to move to Al-Ahly only.


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