He did a bad deed that was not appropriate for Al-Azhari .. Refer the owner of the “Run, Sheikh” incident.


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Monday 25 May 2020

Books – Mahmoud Mostafa:

Sheikh Saleh Abbas, the undersecretary of Al-Azhar, announced the referral of the student to the owner of the incident of escaping from the police, during an attempt to hold the Eid prayer yesterday in Nabruh, Dakahlia Governorate – for investigation, as a student in the Al-Azhar Institutes Sector.

Abbas said, in statements to him, that the student was transferred to Al-Azhar from public education before the past, and he is in the preparatory stage, and his referral for investigation was based on his violation of state decisions, fatwas, and decisions of Al-Azhar, Endowments and Fatwa, and because he does not have a permit to work as an imam, and he has done a wrong that is not appropriate for a student belonging to For the flower.

The Ministry of Awqaf had demanded the Al-Azhar Institutes sector to impose a deterrent legal punishment for the person who abused the Al-Azhar garment yesterday, Sunday, in the incident of the violating Eid Square in Dakahlia.

Dr. Abdullah Hassan, spokesperson for the Ministry of Awqaf, said that the ministry is communicating with the Al-Azhar Institutes sector regarding taking the necessary measures regarding the request of Mahmoud Majdi Al-Ashry, a third-grade student who abused the Azhari garment, and acted in a manner that violates the law, values, and what It must be demonstrated by those who wear this uniform of values ​​and discipline, as well as to set an example for others, when he tried to establish the Eid prayer near a bridge that they cultivated in Dakahlia, contradicting the directives of Al-Azhar, Endowments and the Egyptian state in preventing gatherings from displaying the wall.

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