Health: 687 new cases of corona are recorded, with a total of 1,436 cases of recovery


Today, the Ministry of Public Health announced the registration of 687 confirmed new cases of coronavirus (Covid-19), and 64 recovered from the disease, during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases of similar recovery in the State of Qatar to 1436 cases, in addition to recording Two deaths were infected with the virus.
The ministry stated, in a statement, that the majority of the new cases are due to people from expatriate workers from different regions who had been infected with the virus as a result of contact with individuals who were previously infected thanks to the investigations carried out by the Ministry of Public Health, while the rest of the other cases of infection return to citizens and residents who have had contact with HIV-positive family members who were infected with HIV in the workplace or elsewhere.
And confirmed cases of infection with the virus for complete health isolation in the various medical facilities in the country, where they receive the necessary health care according to the health status of each case.
The Ministry stated that the two new deaths were attributed to residents of the first 96 years of age and the second at the age of 40, who were receiving the necessary medical care in intensive care, knowing that they were suffering from chronic diseases .. The Ministry of Public Health offers sincere condolences and great sympathy to the families of the lost.
The Ministry of Public Health noted that the current period will witness a fluctuation in the number of cases of HIV infection between high and low, due to several reasons, including that the outbreak of the virus is considered at the peak stage before the numbers of infections begin to decrease gradually, and the ministry has recently doubled efforts to track the transitional chains of the virus and expand The Department of Searching for Injured by conducting extensive and proactive investigations of large numbers of contacts with persons who have been previously confirmed to have the disease.
The Ministry of Public Health stated that the number of daily examinations that you perform depends mainly on the number of contacts with people confirmed to be infected with the virus, as it conducts random checks in different places of the country as a proactive measure, as the number of checks that are performed is not linked to the number of cases discovered from In terms of rise or fall.
The ministry pointed out that many cases infected with the virus (Covid-19) do not show symptoms of the disease, as it is discovered that it is infected with the virus thanks to the early tests conducted by specialized ministry teams, in order to increase the care to discover the infections before the owners of the disease spread the disease, especially among the individuals who mixed with Certain cases of her infection.
Also, a large percentage of recorded cases are severely ill and do not require any medical intervention, but are isolated to health until they are under constant medical supervision. Note that the disease may be severe in the elderly as well as those with chronic diseases.
The Ministry of Public Health stressed the importance of community members’ adherence to preventive measures and measures to protect themselves from virus infection and the necessity of staying at home and not going out except in cases of necessity and maintaining social distance and safe distance from others including in the workplace and public places and the use of medical masks and avoiding social visits to reduce The possibility of infection with the virus.
She called for access to the latest information and guidelines related to the (Covid-19) virus by visiting its website.


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