Health advisor: Occupancy in isolation hospitals is 90% of co


12:56 PM

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Books- Moataz Abbas:

Dr. Sharif Wadih, Advisor to the Minister of Health for Care and Emergencies, said that there are so far 20 isolation hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health, along with 230 hospitals to provide services for those infected with Coronavirus to be transferred.

“Wadih” added during a phone call to “8 Al-Sabuh” program broadcast on the DMC satellite channel, today, Tuesday, that there are close to 3000 beds, including 519 intensive care beds in isolation hospitals, stressing that it is considered an excellent ratio for care for For the family.

He pointed out that the percentage of occupancy in hospitals and the regular family has close to 90%, in addition to 60% in relation to intensive care work, denying that there are any deficiencies in medical devices and industrial respiration, but there is an abundance of them at this time.

He pointed out that the percentage of patients on respiratory devices is not high, not exceeding 3%, stressing that the state is interested in medical personnel.

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