Health reveals 6 tips to prevent complications from dust storms


The Ministry of Health and Population instructed to raise the degree of readiness to the highest level in all hospitals at the republic level, to intensify ambulances on the main roads and axes, and to convene a crisis and emergency room around the clock, coinciding with the meteorological agency’s warnings that the country is exposed to a dust storm within hours.

Day 7 reviews the Ministry of Health advice to prevent health complications For dust storms that the country is exposed to over the coming hours, especially for patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women, allergies and chest diseases to avoid complications.

1- Dealing with immunizations and medications to protect the body, especially children under 5 years of age, those over the age of 65 years, pregnant women, and those with chronic diseases.

2- Avoid strong odors such as perfumes, air fresheners, dust and car exhaust, pay attention to warm drinks and drink more water..

3- It is preferable not to leave the house on the days it spreads Storms And dust only for emergency conditions.

4- The nose should be covered .

5- It is preferable to stay away from pets that have thick hair because they irritate the airways.

6- The patient with chest diseases should stop smoking of all kinds.


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