Her daughter is a famous artist and the headscarf did not prevent her from acting


11:18 PM

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Books – Bahaa Hegazy:

On May 26, 1946, the artist Aziza Rashid, who is celebrating her seventy-fourth birthday, was born today. The great artist began her artistic life in the theater, after she studied at the Institute of Fine Arts in 1968.

Aziza worked in the cinema in many second and third roles.

In this report, we monitor 10 information about the artist Aziza Rashid:

Aziza married the theater producer Abdel Qader Al-Aydi, and she has produced many plays for her.

Her daughter is the actress Amira El-Aydi, who married the late artist Wael Nour.

Aziza Rashid participated in 183 works between cinema, theater and television.

Many of her plays were not filmed, as usual many plays at this time.

The last actress of the artist Aziza Rashid was the series “Al-Aar” 2010 with director Sherine Adel.

Aziza in the series embodied the role of the wife of the late artist Mahmoud Abdel Ghaffar, and the mother of the artist, Dina Fouad.

After the shame series, Azila retired and did not appear in any cinematic or television work.

– Her last film participation in the movie “Donia” with actress Hanan Turk.

– She participated in a distinguished role in the series “Raya and Sakina”, where she played the role of the prophet Bint Jum’a, the role she played brilliantly.

Aziza Rashid wore the veil a long time ago and continued to act after him until she stopped in 2010.

– She gave birth to her daughter, Amira Al-Aydi, on April 7, 1973, and she refused her entry to the artistic field at first, attached her to the Faculty of Law, and then went to her for artistic work.

– Among the distinguished television works of the artist Aziza Rashid, series: “People in Kafr Askar, Darb al-Tayyib, Truth and Mirage, and the Man of Fate, and justice has many faces, fleeing love, dreamy nights, and Hilal biography.”


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